Apache's Htaccess Password Generator

This is a basic tool for creating Apache passwords. The type of encryption are:
  • Crypt - Generate the default crypt password for Unix/Linux systemns
  • MD5 - Generate the md5 password for Windows, Netware and TPF systemns
  • SHA1 - Generate the sha1 password as well
The type of Authentication are:
  • Basic
  • Digest
This tool also allows for creating a batch of apache passwords. The formats you can use are:
  • username:realm:password(linebreak)
  • username:realm:password,username1:realm:password1
or with out realm. Realm can also be picked up by the "Realm" text field.
  • username:password(linebreak)
  • username:password,username1:password1
Realm: (optional)
Password: Show Password
Encryption Type: Crypt MD5 SHA1
Authentication Type: Basic Digest

Tool Provided By: Image Maps